This page is dedicated to the past Alisa "Adadriel" Korzun

Alisa played the game of World of Warcraft, on the server Frostwhisper.
She was one of the leaders / the leader of the guild Winter and a great Warrior,
of the mighty and noble race of Night Elves...
Also, she was one of my best friends, and she helped me through the rough time after my granddad died.
When I wanted to take a suicide to go follow him, he talked me out of it.
When I was crying, she soothed me.
When I needed to talk, she was there...
I could go through pages and pages and pages with logs and write a long rant about Alisa,
but I won't.
Here are some pictures and my homage to one of the greatest girls ever lived!

Homage To Alisa Korzun

You were one
You stood out
Amongst millions
of others

Great deeds
Many a laugh
Good times
We shared

You cheered me up
When I was down
You talked to me
When I was alone

You helped me
Through the tough times
You were there
I loved you

And never will


R.I.P. Alisa Korzun, 1984 - 2006