My scooter

At this site, you'll find info about my scooter.
I bought it in March/april 2003 and after using it a couple of days, I managed to fall of.
It was on the ice though. On my way to school. No wounds (On me and neither on the scooter). Lucky me:D
Later that year, in May... I had another accident.. A person,
whom stays anonymious, managed to tip it over, and I hope that the person who did it still remembers it. I'm not angry, though there were some nasty scratches on her,
but that didn't have SO much to say, because only some weeks after that, I managed to crash into the backpart of a bus!! :(
I've heard it afterwards. MANY times. I'm sick and tired of it, but I guess it's not many others like me,
that manages to crash into the ass of a bus, when it stops 20 meter in front of me.. He he. What can I say? I live in Gendival...
After a month without scooter, and it was harder than I thougt, 'cause when you're addicted of a vehicle, it's Hell starting to walk again,
I eventually got myself a new one, and I managed to wathc it until the autumn came...
Then I managed to get a flat tire TWICE befor 2 weeks had passed. The back tire.
"Uflaks," sa Severin Suveren
But I was lucky. Got it fixed at Vianor, and have had a lots of good times with her since then...
I used it until snow came on October (Yes, I know it's early, but that's the way in Trøndelag).
Then I'd only had ONE accident, and that was that I (again) slipped and fell on the ice.. This time on my way home from school.
I thought I'd been lucky again, but later, only a couple of days afterward, I found out that that was not the truth.
I had either
a) got a flat tire again (Too cold to check it though)
b) smashed the vent on the back tire
When the snow disappeared, I found out it was b.
Now, a year later, I've managed to get a flat tire 5 more times and I've had many good times.
So now she stands in the garage and we wait for the snow and the ice to leave the roads :D

Here's some facts on my Katana (Source):
Motor : 1 sylinder, 2 takter,
Tankvolum : 6 L
Sylindervolum : 49cc
Dekk - bak : 120/70-12  
Borring x slaglengde : 41 mm x 37 mm
Dekk - foran : 120/70-12  
Hk : 5
Setehøyde : 790 cm
Dreiemoment (Nm)/omdreininger : 4/5800  
Startsperre : Nei
Kjøling : vann 
Farger : Blå/Gul, Hvit/Blå
Gir : 0
Vekt u/olje - bensin : 80 kg
Akselavstand : 126 cm

In a test in the magazine Bike, this scooter was awarded: